Moving Server SV201 to the new Server

Dear Customers

We will move some hosting from server SV201 to the new server in the same location but with high performance.

This processing will start from 2023/08/06 and will be finished before 7 working days.


Support Team

6th Aug 2023
All servers in SV200 series now is live on CloudLinux

All servers in SV200 series has been updgraded to CloudLinux.

7th Dec 2018
Server SV201 in Germany has been shutdown for one Hour

Server SV201 in Germany has been shutdown for replaced broken CPU fan in 1 hour.

17th May 2018
25% increase our products price

Due to the lack of changes in company prices over the past 3 years in order to maintain the quality of service, the company will increase by 25% from the start of the new solar year.Therefore, all those who are willing to renew or buy products or services of the company, if they buy or renew before the start of the solar year, northern this ... Read More »

6th Mar 2016
Launch New Accountant Sales Store

The new ARS NETWORK (M) SDN BHD accountant store was launched to provide better and easier service for dear customers.

1st Jan 2016